Import Inbox.DBX into Outlook

Import Inbox.DBX into Outlook

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Import Inbox.DBX into Outlook- A whole new solution

Import DBX into Outlook with cent percent surety.

There is no way, in today’s time to carry out one's work for long, without the involvement of emails. Be it to update them on the latest development, to send quotation or to just to exchange the daily reports on the works on one’s side. An email is undoubtedly the one to carry out your information in minutes. But, with the email clients differing with each email client changing with every second individual, there is no way for you to carry out your work for long without knowing about the other client. But your work in that respect, narrows down, considering the use of MS Outlook across the world. Knowing your way around the latest version of MS Outlook would be good enough.

Even though the emails are, more or less involved in everybody’s work, people in general won’t be able to understand the need to acquire a solution to merely Import inbox.DBX into Outlook. But it is something, not only well known but much well dreaded, for the people particularly into the field of data management or office administration. But with the DBX to PST converter, you would be able to look at this job with a new freshness.

The software works for the conversion of configured and orphaned emailsImport Inbox.DBX into Outlook 2010 or into some other UNICODE version of MS Outlook. Apart from the inbox, the software also provides for the conversion of Outbox, drafts, deleted-items, etc. You would be able to convert email with all its attachments like (to, sent-date, etc).  

Sample exhibition

While going through the sample exhibition, you might get 10 of your emails converted, without paying single penny. It helps you to understand the working of the software, step by step.

Delights of this software

  • Converting a collection of files
    You may Import inbox.DBX into Outlook with a few files or a whole collection of it, the software will work with equal ease and efficiency.
  • Operable on various windows
    The software runs on windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and 2007, without any problem.
  • Supports diverse version of OE & Outlook
    Wholly supports the OE version of 5.0, 5.5 & 6.0 and all the UNICODE version of MS Outlook.
  • Email formatting from the original emails retained
    The HTML & RTF formatting remains, as it is, as in the original files.
  • Conversion easily accomplished
    You don’t need any expert help or advice to use the software.


The software does not provide to convert DBX emails into the ANSI files. This software is designed to particularly work for the conversion of DBX emails.


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